Our founder, Mr. Deven Mehta has been actively involved in sourcing activity in India for his entire career spanning 30 years.

With onset of Globalisation and factor like environment control etc substantially affecting global chemical & pharma manufacturing activity, as a result, lot of sourcing opportunity has come to India & hence to Q-Pharma. We have been demanded of creating new sourcing point for our
global customer. We know Indian market very well and understand Indian manufacture’s mindset and hence are most effective in sourcing from India for global buyers.

In the last 5 years Q-Pharma has been active in sourcing for our Overseas customers for products ranging from Chemical, Intermediates and API’s for International buyers. Due our experience & having a knack to identify the right manufacturer for the right purpose and be the solution-creating-bridge between 2 sides we bring a long term opportunity for all involved.

  • We also provide backup of all related services like inspection/ audit, providing required accredition etc.
  • So please feel free to share your inquiries for various products and give us a chance to prove our capability.